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Propulsion & Power Solutions By Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda – your source for leading energy solutions, propulsion systems, and seamlessly integrated energy management. With top-tier generators, electric propulsion units, and advanced energy consulting, we deliver tailor-made solutions that exceed the highest standards of quality, performance, and energy efficiency. Benefit from nearly 50 years of industry expertise by choosing Fischer Panda.

Elevating Shipyard Visions

Fischer Panda is the steadfast partner of shipyards around the world. Our generators and propulsion units consistently outperform, delivering highest quality, performance, and efficiency. Our engineers and specialists ensure a seamless realization of each projects.

Our Comprehensive Portfolio for Shipyard
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Ensuring Seamless Charter Operations

At Fischer Panda, we empower charter companies with advanced solutions for smooth and environmentally friendly operations. Our energy-efficient solutions meet environmental regulations and customer needs, establishing Fischer Panda as the best partner for charter services.

Our Integrated Charter Fleet Solution Portfolio
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Serving Reliability And Peak Performance

At Fischer Panda, we are your trusted partner for reliable energy flows and peak performance. Our powerful electric propulsion units and generators exceed expectations. With service partners all around the world, we offer a community dedicated to unparalleled boating experiences.

Our Products And Services For Worry-Free Boat Owners
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A Comprehensiv Portfolio For Every Vision

Fischer Panda is a leading provider of high-performance products and technologies for the maritime and mobile world. We provide custom-designed propulsion units, generators and efficient, reliable energy management to meet your needs. 


Our electric propulsion units and generators are designed to meet environmental requirements while providing superior performance. With over 15 years of experience in developing electric propulsion units, we offer solutions that are both quiet and emission-free.  

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Our connectivity-enabled propulsion units, generators and converters are based on common operating principles with leading manufacturers and facilitate energy utilisation. For maximum convenience – just like at home – and full control of your energy flow at a glance. 

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With our range of electric propulsion units and generators, we have the ideal solution for your refit project. Our experts work closely with you from design to implementation for maximum energy efficiency and performance. The result is a bespoke concept that is in tune with your needs, down to the last detail.  

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We provide tailored consultation and solutions for your energy management - with powerful generators, modern propulsion units, and advanced control systems. For highest performance and efficiency without compromising, our experts ensure that your boat meets the latest standards.  

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Fischer Panda

Pioneers In Innovation, Service, And Quality

Elevate your experience in propulsion units, generators, and energy management with Fischer Panda, the industry leaders in continuous innovation backed by nearly 50 years of expertise. Our unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in the use of top-tier materials and stringent quality control procedures.

Enjoy unparalleled customer service through our extensive global network of dealers and service partners. Committed to sustainability, we offer environmentally friendly solutions that surpass the highest emission standards. Collaborate with our experts for customized solutions, making Fischer Panda the preferred choice for those seeking the pinnacle of innovation, service, and quality.

For half a century, Fischer Panda has been the preferred choice for customers looking for outstanding innovation, service and quality. Find out why.

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