Smart Propulsion Systems & Integrated Energy Management

Today's boats are marvels of digital technology, that enhance comfort and revolutionize energy management. From generators to smart propulsion and control systems, connectivity unlocks a new dimension in the marine industry, enabling seamless communication among onboard components to optimize energy consumption. Boat owners now have remote control of vital resources and information. With nearly 50 years of experience, Fischer Panda is a leading supplier, offering proven, innovative products and services as well as bundled solutions for a connected future on board. 

Our Connective Portfolio At A Glance

As your trusted partner in energy management and propulsion, you can rely on our extensive expertise, unique products, and global network of experts, dealers, and service partners – all in one place. Fischer Panda's leading solutions include generators, state-of-the-art propulsion units and advanced control systems that enable contemporary energy management without compromise. Together with leading manufacturers, we use common operating principles for smart monitoring systems. This allows important data such as voltage, current, current frequency and power to be centralised and easily read on a multi-function display. 

Connected Generators: Reliable Power, Effortless Monitoring

Our generators not only provide quality and efficiency but also seamlessly integrate into a connected system, following common operating principles with industry leaders. Fischer Panda generators can easily connect to the most popular chart plotters, allowing for effortless monitoring of vital generator data such as voltage, current, frequency, and power. 

Less Emissions & Stable Power Supply

iSeries Generators


High motor speeds mean higher emissions – that is why the speed of the motor can be adjusted according to demand with to our innovative variable speed technology.

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For Electric Propulsion Units

Hybrid DC Generators


Designed for electric propulsion units and compatible with various types of lithium, it utilizes excess electricity during low boat speeds to supply power to onboard equipment or charge the batteries.

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For Maximum Convenience

AC Marine Generators


The best choice for using electrical appliances on board, just like at home. The hybrid drive supplies power to both the propulsion unit and the electrical devices, serving as a central energy source.

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Electric Propulsion Units: Reliable Power And Smart Data

Fischer Panda electric motors feature smart control systems for easy monitoring and performance optimization, seamlessly integrated with onboard components. Real-time monitoring and optimization of energy consumption and efficiency are accessible through mobile apps or user-friendly interfaces. 

For Single-Hull Boats up to 20 kW

Underwater Propulsion Systems

Powerful, zero-emission motors are perfect for waters where conventional combustion propulsion units are not permitted.

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Flexible & Efficient

Parallel-Hybrid Propulsion Units

Easily add an electric motor to your existing conventional propulsion unit. The battery is charged via the main engine.

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Power & Efficiency

Electric Shaft Propulsion Units

This entry-level electric cruising system for all boat types is easy to install and enables emission-free sailing.

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Your Partner For A Smart, Connected Energy Management System

Fischer Panda is a market leader and your expert partner for state-of-the-art connectivity solutions and advanced energy management when sailing.With almost 50 years of experience, pioneering products, first-class advice and an international service network, we help boat owners get the most out of their water power. 

Our strength lies in seamlessly integrating our generators and propulsion units with controls that provide maximum connectivity on board. What makes us unique is our close cooperation with leading energy management system providers and manufacturers. Fischer Panda has the industry expertise and connections to develop common operating principles that enable state-of-the-art connectivity.  

You can rely on Fischer Panda to optimise your boating experience and to keep you in control of important information. 

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