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Refitting is the key to more power and efficiency without compromising cruising performance. It's all about embracing the future, protecting the environment and maximising efficiency. Fischer Panda is the refit partner you can rely on. We offer state-of-the-art electric propulsion units, generators and advanced control systems, in which all relevant components on board communicate seamlessly to optimize consumption and energy flow - all from a single source. This ensures that your boat's propulsion and energy storage meets the highest standards of quality and convenience.

Our Comprehensive Portfolio For Your Refit

With solutions that enhance your e-mobility and convenience, Fischer Panda is with you every step of the way. Our powerful generators and battery bank solutions allow you to store and use energy reliably, giving you independence when boating. Designed to operate quietly and reliably, our electric propulsion units and eco-fuel solutions are built to last. With unprecedented levels of precision and manoeuvrability, they will maximise your boating experience. Our team of experienced professionals will be with you every step of the way from the initial consultation to the final installation. With a global network of dealers and service centres, plus a 24-hour hotline, you can rely on us for support wherever you are.

Electric Propulsion Units: Future-Proof & Convenient

Our electric propulsion units not only help to reduce emissions and noise, but also provide you with unsurpassed convenience and efficiency on the water. With fast charging and quiet operations, our generators get you ready for sustainable, comfortable boating. What's more, our generators are easy to install and maintain, making them extremely user-friendly.

Flexible & Efficient

Parallel-Hybrid Propulsions

Easily add an electric motor to your existing conventional propulsion unit. The battery is charged via the main engine.

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Power & Ease

Electric Shaft Propulsions

This entry-level electric cruising system for all boat types is easy to install and enables emission-free sailing.

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Flexibility & Zero Emissions

Underwater Propulsions

Powerful, zero-emission motors perfect for waters where conventional combustion propulsion units are not permitted.

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Powerful Generators For On-Board Power And Battery Charging

To make your boat conversion a complete success, maximum efficiency and minimum noise emissions are our priority. Known throughout the industry for their quality, efficiency and quietness, Fischer Panda's 100% water-cooled generators are the industry standard. They are essential for reliably powering electrical propulsion units and other electrical equipment on board.

For Electric Propulsion Units

Hybrid DC Generators


Our VS "Variable Speed" hybrid generators are designed for electric propulsion units. They use surplus electricity at low boat speeds to power on-board equipment or charge the batteries and are compatible with many types of lithium batteries.

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Less Emissions & Stable Power

iSeries Generators


High motor speeds mean higher emissions – thanks to our variable speed technology, the speed of the motor can be adjusted according to demand. Perfect for air conditioning systems thanks to their high starting power. With remote control panel.

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For Maximum Convenience

AC Marine Generators


Our AC generator is the best choice if you want to use electrical appliances on board just like at home. The hybrid drive supplies power to both the propulsion unit and the on-board electrical equipment, making it the central power source for both systems.

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Eco-fuels for your refit:

A Sustainable And Powerful Source Of Energy

Sustainable energy management is paramount to your refit project and choosing the right fuel is key. Eco-fuels are an ideal complement here. Eco-fuels are a paraffin-based alternative to conventional diesel fuel, they can be used in all of our diesel generators – without compromising on performance. This means you can go green without sacrificing the proven performance of our generators.

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Your One-Stop-Shop For All Your Boat Refit Needs

Choosing the right supplier is critical to your success when refitting your boat. At Fischer Panda we understands that every refit project is unique. This means we offer you not only proven quality and performance, but also the reassurance of a global network of experts.

We provide complete systems from a single source for your project. Not only do we use the latest technology, but we also use tried and tested quality. Our products are designed to meet the most demanding requirements, with a focus on environmental protection. Your refit project deserves the best and Fischer Panda is the ideal partner to ensure that your mobility meet the requirements of your project. 

Choose Fischer Panda and benefit from our long experience and commitment to maximum sustainability and leading-edge technology.

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