Empowering New Builds

Planning new boats is a challenging undertaking, where many facets need to be considered and coordinated. This not only requires technical expertise, but also involves working with various manufacturers and suppliers. As a leading company with almost half a century of experience in the industry, Fischer Panda is your reliable partner for propulsion units, generators and converters. Our expertise and network of leading manufacturers make us a strong partner, providing you with leading-edge, high-performance propulsion units and generators, as well as all the other components for integrated energy management.

Our Comprehensive Portfolio For New Builds

Fischer Panda focuses on your project's success with efficient, eco-friendly solutions. Our first-class generators are reliable and space-saving, while our propulsion units deliver precision and maneuverability. We simplify energy management for your new boat build by integrating top-tier products and services. Fischer Panda is your all-in-one partner for space, performance, convenience, and connectivity.

Powerful Generators For On-Board Power And Battery Charging

Fischer Panda generators are the best choice for new builds. They are specially designed to meet the rigours of the marine environment. Our generators are compact, lightweight and extremely efficient. Thanks to sound-insulating housings, they operate almost silently and minimise vibrations. Our generators also take up little space without compromising on power.

Stable Power & Less Emission

iSeries Generators


High motor speeds mean increased emissions. Our innovative variable speed technology allows the motor speed to be adjusted as required. High starting power makes it ideal for power-hungry applications, such as air conditioning systems.

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For Electric Propulsion Units

Hybrid DC Generators


Our Variable Speed (VS) hybrid generators are perfectly designed for electric propulsion systems in new builds. Surplus power is used at low boat speeds to supply power to on-board equipment or to charge batteries efficiently.

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For Maximum Convenience

AC Marine Generators


Use electrical appliances on board as conveniently as at home with our AC generator. The hybrid drive supplies power to the propulsion unit and the on-board electrical equipment, making it the central power source for both systems.

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Electric Propulsions For State-Of-The-Art New Builds

Electric propulsion units from Fischer Panda not only help to reduce emissions and noise. They also offer maximum efficiency on the water. Fast charging and quiet operation are ideal for sustainable, comfortable boating. Our 'plug and play' approach ensures simple, user-friendly installation and maintenance.

Powerful & Emission-Free

Underwater Motors For All Types Up To 20 kW


Our electric shaft drives are the ideal, silent and environment-friendly choice for waters where conventional combustion propulsion units are not permitted.

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Environmentally-Friendly Combination

Parallel Hybrid Propulsions For All Types


Maximum versatility and efficiency – our electric propulsion units are the ideal complement, especially when quiet, emission-free and energy-efficient propulsion is required.

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Sailing With Zero Emissions

Electric Shaft Propulsions For All Types


Combine the strengths of Fischer Panda electric motors with our efficient shaft propulsion units for maximum performance and manoeuvrability in your boat design.

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Eco-fuels for new builds:

The Sustainable, Powerful Energy Source for Power & Propulsion

Is sustainable energy management at the heart of your new-build project? Eco-fuels are the ideal alternative to conventional diesel fuel and offer the opportunity to run our generators in an environmentally friendly way without compromising on performance. 

Integrating eco-fuels into your energy management concept is not only a valuable contribution to environmental protection, but also ensures a sustainable and efficient energy supply on board.

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Your Partner for Customized Energy Supply & Powerful Propulsions

As an experienced industry leader with almost 50 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of generators, propulsion units and converters, Fischer Panda is the ideal partner for state-of-the-art, high-performance and customised energy solutions. 

Our portfolio includes not only world-class products, but also comprehensive consulting services to help plan and implement individual projects. We understand the unique needs and demands of the boating industry. This enables us to develop bespoke solutions that meet the highest standards. 

By working closely with other leading manufacturers, we are able to integrate the best components and technologies to provide complete energy management solutions. We ensure that your projects are efficient, environmentally friendly and customer-oriented by focusing on quality, sustainability and user experience. 

Put your trust in Fischer Panda to take your projects to the next level and to implement the latest energy management and propulsion solutions.

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