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When you're fully immersed in enjoying life on the water, one thing matters most: freedom. The freedom to navigate diverse waters with complete confidence in your propulsion units and energy supply. Fischer Panda understands your needs, offering reliable generators, powerful sustainable propulsion units, and cutting-edge connectivity. 

Fischer Panda Solutions

As your global partner, Fischer Panda guarantees extraordinary boating adventures with top-tier generators, cutting-edge propulsion units, and advanced energy management. Trailblazers in the industry, our products fuse proven quality with state-of-the-art technology, placing a premium on performance. Through our advanced propulsion, energy storage, and energy management solutions, we redefine onboard comfort to rival that of your home, granting you complete mastery over your boat's energy consumption and flow for an unrivaled experience.

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Adaptable & Green Solutions

Choosing eco-conscious boating isn't just a decision; it's a commitment to a future that empowers sustainable journeys, trims costs, and stands as a clear pledge to preserve our oceans for all marine enthusiasts like you.

Our Green Solutions

Connective Solutions & Smarter Energy Flow

We're envisioning a future where connected solutions revolutionize how you experience energy on your boat, bringing you comfort, power, and reliable energy flows, making every adventure an effortless experience.

Our Connected Solutions

Tailored Solutions For Maritime Visions

We bring your dream boat to life with cutting-edge technology, meticulous planning, and strategic partnerships. Feel the power and expertise you need, whether cruising a tranquil lake or conquering the rough sea.

Our New Builds Solutions

Our Portfolio At A Glance

Fischer Panda offers premium generators for enduring energy, top-tier reliability in electric propulsion, and advanced, tailored energy management solutions. Enjoy emission-free cruising and unmatched freedom on the water, as our cutting-edge technology prioritizes performance. Elevate comfort, control energy, embrace freedom.


Empower your boating experience with Fischer Panda generators—your reliable source of mobile power for household appliances and onboard electronics.

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Electric Propulsions

Fischer Panda is setting the standard for silent, zero-emission, and high-performance electric propulsions, ensuring exceptional experiences.

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Eco Fuel Solutions

All generators can operate with eco-friendly, paraffin-based diesel alternatives, requiring no modifications or additional maintenance.

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Your True Partner In Smooth Sailing

At Fischer Panda, experience a seamless sailing journey with everything you need from a single source – high-quality products, expert guidance, and reliable support.

  • We Share Your Dreams: With years of expertise and a deep understanding of boat owners' desires, we deliver custom-tailored, user-friendly solutions. Recognizing your yearning for home comforts at sea, our meticulously designed products fulfill these needs.
  • We Are Market Leading Experts: One of the key benefits of choosing Fischer Panda is our unparalleled expertise. With a long-standing history of catering to boat owners, we ensure you receive the best solutions for your unique requirements. Beyond high-quality products, we bring extensive knowledge to guide you through the planning process for your boat's energy management.
  • We Give You Freedom And Peace Of Mind: Effortlessly adhere to stringent environmental regulations and contribute to nature preservation with our green energy solutions. Our advanced connectivity empowers you to take charge of onboard energy management, ensuring efficient energy utilization.
  • We Are Here For You: What sets Fischer Panda apart is not just the cost-effectiveness of our solutions but also their flexibility. Our dedicated service team stands by your side, supporting your journey toward a sustainable and modern energy supply on board your vessel.

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